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How to play online slot machines

Japan recently suffered an earthquake that registered a magnitude of 8.2 on the Richter scale, causing the Fukusima nuclear power stations reactor exploded. Building a power station in earthquake may seem odd, but what is equally strange is not having the foresight to ask the question ‘if a pipe in the reactor did blow what emergency procedures do we have to stop it quickly?’

With all the instruction manuals and procedures clouding their brains and with nuclear power being such a complicated science, no one would have had time to the read the emergency manual anyway. Fortunately some of the choices we make in our lives don’t require instructions manuals or complicated procedures. Online slot machines are one of the easiest games to learn, and there is no need to read the guide book, just click and play.

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One type online slot machine requires you to select the win lines you want to bet on. The display gives a combination of pictures and the win is determined on the combination of pictures in the win line you bet on. Multiple win lines can be selected at an increased stake amount. Then press the spin button and the reels will spin. The most typical machines have 3 reels or 5 reels.

On a classic 3 reel mechanism the win result appears in a window 3 by 3 containing 9 pictures. If you choose the right spin line with a winning combination then you win.

Some online slots are simpler and you don’t bet on the win line as it is already selected through the middle pictures. These only require a stake and the spinning and winning is done for you.

Various other machines can have one or two wager amounts, just press the spin button on the stake you prefer and wait for a win combination. One style the higher the stake button the more chances there are you can win and the other model the more prize amount is increased according to the higher stake.

Additional more complicated virtual slot machines have features and you can play the board for added bonus money, these require reading the instructions to play or a lot of game play to learn.

On every machine each win combination has a win amount and can be found on a win combination pay out chart on the machine.

When playing real money online slots check the amount of money it costs per spin as each spin will deduct the cost from your balance. The majority of the time when you visit an online machine you are asked how much of your bankroll you would like to play with on this machine, also the machines stake amount plus minimum play amount will be displayed. This method allows you to track your money more easily.

Learning to play online slot machines is not rocket science and with an added breather the world is no danger of the science behind online slot machines.

How to win playing slot machines

Professional slot players are earning up to $1000 profit a day and surprisingly the casinos are still profiting from them, these two outfits coexist in casinos all over the world, and in the long run each boast successes from their strategic gambling tactics but their systems are on opposite ends of the spectrum. The odds of slots are stacked against the average slot player in favor of the machine host but the machines are beatable if you have the knowledge. In 1891 the first 5 reel slot machine was invented by Sittman and Pitt revolutionizing the world of gambling. For over a century the sounds and bright lights have attracted a versatile group of people from all walks of life. Now, casinos around the world host professional slot players who know how to win using strategy and discipline.

You can make money from slot machines

Playing the slots to win is playing to make a profit. Back in the day black jack tables had card counters and poker tables had collusion rackets, but now the casinos have clamped down on these strategic profiteers. Amazingly casinos turn a blind eye to slot machine teams and these teams would not operate if they were not turning over a profit.

In contrary to popular belief that casinos lose money to these teams each member of the team can only play one machine and the machines are designed to make a profit, so the casino still wins every time. In fact as a direct result slot teams the rate a casino profits from a typical $1 machine is around $8000 over a jack pot period.

How to make a profit

Professionals claim your strategy is the key and probably the most important value is discipline. There are many free guides on the internet written by people claiming to be professional slot machine players. Some are not free setting you back a small amount of cash as an investment and books are also available.
Winning the jackpot is not the sole aim of a professional player. Their goal is to get paid by the hour usually between $50 and $100. Most teams dedicate $1000 dollars and play through it, the slot winnings are not reinvested back into the machine. A $1000 investment, $200 each for a team of 5, can turn into $500-$5000 per person.

Some tips from the pros

Players should not fall in love with a particular machine; they are designed to get you hooked so if the machine pays out take your money and play another machine. Machines near the doors are designed to pay out more often to entice customers. Do not chase the big jackpots, aim at smaller winnings and you will make more money in the long run. Watch other players on machines and share information with your team.
So if you love slots look for a guide that can help you win because there are people out there doing it right now.

Free Online Slot Machine Websites

The internet is swamped with free casino games so you can test the gambling prowess inside you. Free online slot machines are in the popular line of free casino games and are hosted by various types of website.

Online casinos are plentiful and advertised all over the internet. A good number of these websites provide free entertainment so you can try and gamble pretend money away or strike it fake rich. Nearly as soon as finishing a free game two options usually make themselves known: “Do you want to play again?” or “Sign up now for your free $500 bonus”. The pretense of the free game play is to eventually offer you a sign up bonus. The idea of advertising in this way is to hope a free slot machine visitor will eventually decide he or she is a winner and sign up for the real money games. What the heck? There is a bonus and it is free money to play with.


Once signed up the advertising can lead the new member down into many more paths being introduced to new games with free tickets. Now the casinos have a new customer and a potential profit. This is a common scenario and the online casinos are growing not solely through people who have already decided with no encouragement they will open a cash account, but also through free online machine websites.

Some websites really are dedicated to providing free slot machine and sometimes only act as a go between real money and free play. These websites are usually maintained privately by either small e-companies or someone who enjoys designing slots as a private hobby. Mostly with the out-and-out free slot sites they are small businesses earning a little extra money through advertising. The more popular sites pick up some reasonable advertising deals and tick over a steady profit. Nearly all of these websites use a form of introductory or redirection advertising where they can receive a bonus.

Introducing free online slot machine players to real money slots is done via a web link and the real money websites pay for customer introductions. The free slot website advertises the company name, the bonus and a “click here to sign up button”. Customers click on the link to receive a bonus code from the free slot website and then a direct link to the down load software of the casino or to a sign up page. The bonus code is used and given to the real money website during the sign up process. This bonus code links directly back to the free online website so the real money site knows who introduced the new customer. Then the real money website pays the free slots web site a small fee for gaining a new client.

Free slot machines are fun and the sites offer free and exciting game play. If you are sure you want to play real money then make sure you choose the correct site